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    Dress for Success is a book by John T. Molloy about the effect of clothing on a person's success in business and personal life. It was a bestseller and was. My husband and I had read John Molloy's "Dress for Success" books for men and women in the '80's and the information is still valid for even today. It's based on. Dress for Success Mass Market Paperback – October 3, John T. Molloy's New Dress for Success. Although specific cuts and patterns of clothing have gone out of style his research is still very relevant and his advice is like nothing else I have found.

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    Dress For Success Book

    The Woman's Dress For Success Book book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dress for Success book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Dress for Success is a book by John T. Molloy about the effec. New Woman's Dress for Success book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. New Women's Dress for Success shows which clothes.

    Remembered Jackie Chan mentioning about this book in his autobiography, so I thought of reading it. But Kinokuniya doesn't sell it, NLB doesn't carry the book. So I thought, okay, I'll download the pdf then, but it was so hard to find the sources! So I downloaded the Chinese pdf version of this book. Overall, I learnt much from this book. The place I live, Singapore, is too hot and humid for a two suit not to mention a three piece suit unless the occasion calls for it.

    The problem often is that it may not feel too tight, but it looks it. Usually middle-aged men wear their collars too tightly and men in their fifties, who are beginning to lose weight and get a few wrinkles in their necks, tend to wear them too loosely. The end of a shirt sleeve should come just a fraction below the wrist bone, and should extend about one-half inch below your suit jacket sleeve.

    When properly color-coordinated or contrasted, solids go with every suit and every tie made. Of the solids, blue is the most popular, followed by the other pastels, the paler the better. A gaudy, loud yellow is not a good business shirt, but a pale pastel yellow is.

    Never wear a solid red shirt, no matter who you are or what you do; it's just never acceptable. If you have a shallow complexion, you should avoid any shades of gold, green, or gray, which generally do not enhance anyone's facial coloration. These are the end-on-end weave and the Oxford cloth, and both are not only highly acceptable shirts, they also add a richness, texture and variety to the solid look.

    The stripes may range from the very thin pinstripe to as wide as one-sixteenth of an inch. Generally, the closer the stripes are to each other, the more acceptable the shirt. The stripe can be of any color that coordinates or contrasts with the suit, as long as it is on a white background. The stripes should always be a single color, on a single color background.

    Basically, the multi-colored stripe projects a lower-middle class association in most people. Short sleeve shirts are symbols of the lower-middle-class, and therefore pack no psychological authority or power.

    Buttons should be plain and simple and usually white. Invariably, those men who wore their ties to interviews were offered jobs; those without them were turned down. While the most appropriate tie, worn correctly, naturally cannot insure your success in business or life, it certainly can - and should - give off the right signals to keep you from being regarded as a no-class boob.

    And do it yourself; I guarantee that it will pay off.

    There is little that looks worse on a man that a tie that is either too long or too short. When tied properly, the tip of the tie should come just to your belt buckle, no more, no less. What length you will need therefore depends on how tall you are and how you knot your tie. Standard tie widths are from four to four and one-half inches at the widest end. In other words, a solid. The reason is simple. A solid tie will go with any patterns in any suits or shirts.

    Dress for Success by John T. Molloy

    For a basic tie wardrobe, I suggest that every man have at least a solid blue tie, and one other solid from the following: brown, beige, or maroon, depending on the wardrobe. The best known of these is, of course, the polka-dot, a small round dot repeated in regular intervals against a solid background.

    Some dress vulgarly, when they should dress professionally, and then complain that men don't take them seriously As Melanie Griffith correctly stated in "Working Girl": And, no, I don't mean dress I wish professional women would read this book. And, no, I don't mean dress like a man, but like a woman who is not selling herself! This book would also be an excellent daily-life guide for women. It is shocking to go to weddings, graduations, all kinds of parties and see women--young and older--wearing jeans, tennis shoes, flip-flops!

    May 06, Margot Note added it. The glass ceiling is in many cases a class ceiling. There is no question that in business class carries clout" This book is brilliant. Read it, "The women who move into the top ranks of American corporations almost invariably come from upper-middle-class backgrounds or have upper-middle-class taste and wear upper-middle-class colors, while those who look, act, or sound as though they come from less sophisticated backgrounds--no matter how talented--never make it into the executive suites.

    Read it, use its principles, and see what happens for yourself.

    Forty years later, is the advice in ‘Dress for Success’ old hat?

    You will be amazed. Sep 13, Mariana rated it liked it. Conservative, traditional definitely avoiding the latest fashion , upper class, good quality natural not man-made fibers, traditional male colors preferably , business-like expensive accessories, shoulder-length hair, "understated" makeup, and this is only the beginning.

    Dressing up for a successful carrier is an art in itself. Jul 23, February Four rated it really liked it. I wasn't expecting the solid research that went into this. In , this book seems just slightly outdated wrt pantsuits, but everything else certainly seems true, so I may make it a point to wear skirts to formal events. Apr 20, Marina rated it really liked it.

    The Woman's Dress For Success Book

    This was a fascinating read. How people react to different colors, how men react to certain things differently than women, success stories, etc. Although a bit outdated a pale yellow suit? A worthwhile book if you're preparing for job interviews! Debra Byrd rated it really liked it Jun 01, Priscilla rated it liked it Jan 21, Chi Dubinski rated it liked it May 09, Susan rated it liked it Dec 26, Diane rated it really liked it Oct 03, Nikita T.

    Mitchell rated it really liked it Sep 23, Rosemary Daly rated it liked it Jul 23, Therese rated it liked it Oct 17, Luci Sky rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Vicky Rivera rated it liked it Aug 03, Randolph rated it really liked it Mar 06, Kristin rated it liked it Sep 18, Karen rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Elizabeth Guglielmi rated it liked it Dec 22, Jennifer LaMere rated it it was ok May 16, Monica Willyard Moen rated it really liked it Dec 20, Emily rated it it was ok Mar 07, Jane Dee rated it really liked it Feb 20, Christine rated it really liked it Aug 26, Anna Taylor rated it really liked it Dec 15, Charlene Rhodes House rated it liked it Apr 29, Lavender rated it liked it May 01, Cassandra rated it it was amazing Jan 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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