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The Red Necklace Sally Gardner. Nenhuma oferta encontrada. ISBN ISBN X Ano: / Páginas: Idioma: inglês. A mysterious gypsy boy, Yann Margoza, and his guardian, a dwarf, work for the magician Topolain in On the night of Topolain's death, Yann's life. Download the red necklace sally gardner pdf. Page 2. Explore Sally Buttons s board * CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY * on Pinterest, a visual.

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The Red Necklace Sally Gardner Pdf

Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7–10—As the first embers of the French Revolution begin to burn, Yann Margoza, a year-old voice. Sally Gardner's French Revolution novels THE RED NECKLACE and THE SILVER Sally Gardner, the daughter of a QC and a judge, grew up in Gray's. The Red Necklace in PDF It's 75 pages long ^^ The owner of the website (please click in “source” if you're interested) shared the PDF version.

From the author of the Sunday Times best seller Cocaine Nights comes an unnerving tale of life in a modern tower block running out of control. Within the concealing walls of an elegant forty-storey tower block, the affluent tenants are hell-bent on an orgy of destruction. Cocktail parties degenerate into marauding attacks on "enemy" floors and the once-luxurious amenities become an arena for riots and technological mayhem. A mysterious boy is the focus of a novel that takes us from the September Massacres of to the death of Robespierre four years later. After rescuing Sido, the young daughter of an aristocrat, he flees to England, making secret journeys back to France to smuggle out refugees. When Le Chiffre hits a losing streak, Bond discovers his luck is in — that is, until he meets Vesper Lynd, a glamorous agent who might yet prove to be his downfall. When solicitor Jonathan Harker sets off for Transylvania to sell the mysterious Count Dracula a Gothic mansion, his bride-to-be, Mina, begs him to stay - to no avail.

Yann is a gypsy who can read minds and throw his voice which he does in a stage act with a Magician and a dwarf who has his own "supernatural" talents. Meanwhile there is a very crafty bad guy who kills people and leaves behind a red garnet necklace which i I was shocked at how poorly written this book was. Meanwhile there is a very crafty bad guy who kills people and leaves behind a red garnet necklace which if worn would look like a slashed throat.

He has been extremely generous with many very unwise people and is now about to call in his debts. The author would just throw in melodramatic sentences where there was no preamble or followup.

For example, a young girl is looking out a convent window on a rainy scene and is sad because she can't remember the face of her dead mother. That's it.


No statements before that she is thinking about her mother, no statements after. That was the way it was throughout the book. I don't recommend this book to anyone because it shouldn't have been printed as is. View all 4 comments. The scholarship that went into this book was fabulous!

I really thought I was there! It didn't grip me in the way that I, Coriander did, though. She didn't affect me like that when I was reading her. M The scholarship that went into this book was fabulous! Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's a kid's book. That's no reason not to expect more. I fell utterly in love with so many of the other characters or I despised them, as Gardner pleased.

One thing I especially loved about the characters in this book is that they had personality traits that were not required to advance the plot. Some people were passionate just because they were passionate. Another character was a little person just because he happened to be a little person. No agenda, nothing.

The Red Necklace

It is such a relief to me when I can trust an author to just tell me who her characters are instead of being tricked into noticing that someone loves brandy because it will be important later. Carrington MacDuffie. She's strikingly fabulous.

In fact, I'm gonna go find other books she's read so she can read to me more. But there are two sides to the audio of this book. On the one hand, the reader was so skilled that I didn't even have to suspend my disbelief when a male character or a female character was talking. I didn't have to think , even. They just were. The narrator captured masculinity, femininity, cowardice, bravery, inattention, malice- she was a superstar. She painted vibrant, rich personalities and mannerisms on the people in the story without caricaturing 'em.

Definitely snap up any book she reads. On the other, it is really, really, really not necessary to have all the french characters in the book speak their English with a French accent.

The book is set in freaking France. It might be the narrator's choice, or it might be the director's choice. For cripes sake. Enough with the superfluous accents. It's annoying.

Yeeees, there is a plot point in which a character's accent comes in to play, but the funny thing about books is that the author will tell us when there's an accent. I really, really doubt zat zee 'ole bouke is wri-tan leik zis so 'as to aksentuate ze Franchness. Jan 09, Valerie rated it really liked it Recommended to Valerie by: This book is unique, but then again I haven't read any other book about the French Revolution.

In school they kind of just skim the French Revolution so I didn't know completely what to expect on the historical front. The story isn't directly in the action, at least in the beginning, but our heroes really get involved in the violence in Paris about half-way through.

The first half of the book was good though I like the second half better.

Yann and Sido meet once and never forget each other thoug This book is unique, but then again I haven't read any other book about the French Revolution.

Yann and Sido meet once and never forget each other though they don't meet again until years later. Yann gets educated in England and loses most of his gypsy talents, while Sido is neglected by her father and fears marrying Kalliovski.

The first half is a build up for the two of them to get older, the Revolution to really get underway, and to present the mysteries. The second half of the story was more thrilling. The mysteries intertwine and all lead to Kalliovski who proves to be an actual chilling villain.

Sido and her father are in danger of being arrested because of their aristocratic births. Yann has to use his gypsy magic in order to save Sido from the clutches of the Revolutionaries and Kalliovski. It all goes down in Paris. Other than the fact that I wanted the plot to get moving in the first half of the book and I would've liked if there was more build up in Yann and Sido's relationship I thought it was a superb story.

I anticipate the sequel. Jan 27, Kirsti rated it did not like it. Really struggled to get into this one, and once I was in, I didn't want to be.

It was simply the top book on a pile of to-read books I was keeping on the coffee table, but I wish I'd picked something else instead. The characters weren't interesting me at all, and the plot felt odd and disjointed. I get to certain points in books that if I'm lost, I'm lost forever. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever, heh. However, I can see the appeal. It's dark, and there are particularly morbid scenes Really struggled to get into this one, and once I was in, I didn't want to be.

It's dark, and there are particularly morbid scenes of death and murder. It doesn't hold back. Of course, I only managed pages before giving up, so it may get even more so. Plenty of people will enjoy the no holds approach.

I'm sure also lots of people will enjoy the writing, it just wasn't for me. Moving on again, and I'm stuck in a rut of bad books. What will save me, as I fall ever behind on my goodreads challenge because nothing is capturing my interest? Magicians, gypsies, aristocrats and the French Revolution. A beautiful cover. Adventure, thrills, magic. The book promises a lot.

Unfortunately, it is a thoroughly amateur effort.

The Red Necklace

The writing is pedestrian and never lives up to the potential of the story. The time line is not handled coherently - at one point, the book leaps forward by two years. A lot of the time, the chapter starts close to one character, only to change perspective a few paragraphs in.

The story is rarely sustained - it sort of Magicians, gypsies, aristocrats and the French Revolution. The story is rarely sustained - it sort of hands itself along to the next bit like a relay race of narrative, without really engaging. The characterisation is fairly flat, and the dialogue is flatter still. It's a shame. The plot could have been engrossing, had it been handled well.

The end result is a mess that is not, in my opinion, ready for publication. Sep 06, Trin rated it really liked it Shelves: Three stars for the book itself; one bonus star for the audiobook performance by Tom Hiddleston.

Actually, if I could I would give that reading all the stars. Not that I have strong feelings about it or anything. Aug 16, The Book Queen marked it as maybe-read.

I've enjoyed a couple of Sally Gardner's works before, so I might pick this one up. Sep 18, Nora Cayetano rated it really liked it Recommended to Nora by: Tv Tropes. Oct 09, Kelly Rose marked it as to-read. Tom Hiddleston did an audio book. Tom Hiddleston. Now I have to read it. Apr 18, Cian Morey rated it liked it. The Devil's own is on your trail. I liked this book.

I really did. But from an objectively critical viewpoint, I cannot really say why. The Red Necklace is a tale of intrigue and death neatly woven through the early days of the French Revolution, with some shadowy magic looming at the fringes. We follow Yann Margoza, a young man from a small-time theatre troupe who becomes entangled in affairs that force him to turn to a part of himself that he has always been trying to hide; and Sido de Villeduva The Devil's own is on your trail.

We follow Yann Margoza, a young man from a small-time theatre troupe who becomes entangled in affairs that force him to turn to a part of himself that he has always been trying to hide; and Sido de Villeduval, the neglected daughter of a pompous Marquis whose foppery appears to have doomed them both to the Guillotine, or worse. The two central lives become entwined over the course of the novel as all strings are pulled in the shadows by the mysterious Count Kalliovski.

Firstly, this book takes an excellent angle on the French Revolution. The Revolution is not the focus of the book by any means, but that perhaps adds to the setting's effectiveness; much like Hannibal Lecter, the Revolution is kept to the wings for the majority of the novel, with the reader catching chilling glimpses of bloodshed and cracked dreams every so often through a glance out a windowpane, or a few overheard words of a conversation. This method maybe adds to the realism as well, and captures the atmosphere of chaos and confusion in the life of the ordinary citizen, who, contrary to what other works of fiction might like to portray, most likely did not Storm the Bastille, March on Versailles, Assault the Tuileries Palace, Stop the Flight to Varennes and Chop off the King's Head, all before teatime.

This was a time when nobody knew exactly what was going on. I mean, if somebody did know, the whole thing probably wouldn't have happened at all. Secondly, the words are fantastic.

The language of this book is so beautifully poetic, it is a tremendous joy to read. Magical metaphors piled upon mystical similes stacked on a bedrock of lyricism. It is wondrous. The plot is interesting as well. Considering most of France is being torched to the ground around the characters' ears, a question of stolen inheritance might not actually be as big a deal as it is made out to be here, but nevertheless it was the McGuffin for a good, proper romp, even with the occasional plot twist though I did see them coming.

Unforgivable flaws start to appear when you look at character, though. Yann Margoza is one of the most dull and forgettable protagonists I have ever encountered.

He laughs twice, I think, which is pretty much the entirety of all charisma that he displays in this book. Sido de Villeduval, equally, is unmemorable.

The Red Necklace Audiobook | Sally Gardner |

It seems as though the foundations of quite a complex character were laid in her creation, but never expanded upon. All other side characters are totally one-dimensional. I'm spoiling nothing when I say Kalliovski is the villain, you can tell from the first two lines of his initial description on about page 10 of the book.

The Marquis de Villeduval is only concerned for his shoe buckles, which, while providing comic relief, becomes a bit stale after ten or twenty or two-hundred-and-fifty pages. Consequently I emerged from the book with a sense that life would not have changed in the slightest had they all been guillotined by the end of it.

Some of the deeper details of plotting are lazy. Sally Gardner is rather fond of the deus ex machina. Characters escape utterly hopeless predicaments simply because they happen to know the gatekeeper of Paris from a decade previously, or because the gunmen can't aim, or because the beheading people are getting tired. These repeated cop-outs bothered me, particularly when the author could simply have availed of some of the magic that she was trying to shoehorn in at the corners of this literary tapestry.

But despite all of that, despite all of my criticism, I still enjoyed it. A lot. Perhaps it was because I love anything about the French Revolution, perhaps it was because I love a good historical romp, perhaps it was because I love the poeticism of the writing - I honestly don't know. Critically I can't explain it. And yet I enjoyed it.

So you might like this book, you might not. If you like your books to be very well crafted, with the author taking care to make all elements of the story as good as they can be, maybe you won't like this. If you can excuse all of that just because the story is jolly good fun, maybe you will like this. I don't know. What an odd book. Sep 20, Miss Clark rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone who enjoys historical fiction with a fantastical bent.

Our story is over, though in its end lies its beginning. A gorgeous story, with lovely descriptions and superb narration throughout, and an interesting plot.

It is light on characterization, which is painted in rather broad strokes, with the protagonists spending very little actual time together. I wished that a little more attention had been paid to her and what she must have endured. I did get irritated at her refusal to leave her awful father behind, who had only ever hated and hurt her, but I could understand it nonetheless.

The Marquis himself is almost comic in the pathetique of his self-absorbed stupidity, selfishness and unmitigated blindness to reality. Count Kalliovski, our villain, exuded creepy, evilness right out of the pages of this book.

Murderer of Topolain, Anis and countless others. It is hinted at more than once that he has made some sort of pact with evil. All we really know is that he is Yann's father and that he had been "in love" with Anis, Yann's mother, and murdered her when she would not have him. At the end, it appears the Devil really is going to get him, that "cursed soul. Yann Margoza himself. Able to see the future and read minds, he can also work the threads of light, not to mention a talent for throwing his voice.

There are hints that Yann is a great shaman-possibly the most powerful yet Possibly, also, the "King of the Gypsy. That was less clear. This is all set against the breathless backdrop of the French Revolution, one of the darkest periods in the history of Europe and certainly one of the most devastating for humanity.

The bestial cruelty and sheer hateful butchery that was daily engaged in during those years of confusion and wholesale slaughter is still sickening to even contemplate.

[PDF]The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner Book Free Download (371 pages)

Sally Gardner seems to present the Revolution as good ideas gone terribly, horribly awry. I believe that the ideas of equality and freedom are paramount to all of mankind, at all times. No argument there. But after having looked into the Revolution's roots, I would have to say that Egalite and Liberte were not the driving forces that inspired those who engineered the Revolution - far from it as they sought to set themselves up as their own special class the first opportunity they had.

They used those admirable and monumental goals to gain the support of the masses In fact, since they hang out with Kalliovski, I would say they are tinged by association with evil. I discovered that there is a second book in what is being labeled the "French Revolution" series,though there is no indication if that is the end or if more are planned.

He could read me a cookbook and I'd happily and joyously listen to it. If anyone knows of somewhere I can listen to it, please let me know!

I love historical fiction, but I didn't Tom Hiddleston read this. I love historical fiction, but I didn't exactly care for The Red Necklace. In an old theater in , France, a boy named Yann Margoza had a unique talent for throwing his voice and reading people's minds. He works with two magicians, one of whom a dwarf that raised him as his own. One night, they are invited to perform in front of the Marque de Villeduval and Count Kalliovsky at the marques's home.

That is the night Topolain, the magician, is murdered. Tetu the dwarf and Yann are next if they don't escape from the house and France immediately. Looking for More Great Reads? Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Download Hi Res.

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