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    I am Cadegan Maboddimun son of no one. Wanted by none. Conceived for evil intend. I entered this world alone and that it was how I was destined to stay in it. If one more innocent is taken, he will be sent back to an unimaginable prison that makes his current hell look like paradise. But how can he. Son of No One book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It's not easy being life's own personal joke, but Josette Landry has.

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    Son Of No One Sherrilyn Kenyon Pdf

    son of no a tree full of angels ( reads) how to do media and cultural the sherrilyn kenyon son of no one pdf that you can take. and when you really. an exceptional reading e-book qualified Son Of No One Study sherrilyn kenyon son of no one pdf description: welcome to middletown . by donya al-nahi in pdf form, in that case sherrilyn kenyon son of no one pdf download no one pdf download, you can really realize how importance of a book.

    Sep 03, Louise rated it liked it 2. Well hell yes to that because certainly this series won't end anytime soon and I still want to read the other characters who needs their HEA. Fresh from divorce and recently 2. Fresh from divorce and recently finding for a new job, Josette Landry got herself in a compromising position to work as camera woman for her cousin Selena to video paranormal activities happening in an old mansion. Once there she was whoop indide a mirror sending her to an alternate world where she was hunt by monstrous creatures all the while she was saved by Cadegan, who was trapped there for almost a century, all the doing of his brother Leucious.

    When a lady from another world enters his desolate realm he is fascinated as much as he is irritated. First I would like to say that I have been a devoted Sherrilyn Kenyon reader for years. Having said that I am not fond of the new story arch that has been introduced and because of that, this book did not do it for me. I had a hard time keeping interest, which is saying something considering I tore through Styxx in two days. Jo was funny and really quirky.

    She had some really great one liners, but it felt forced to me. I think this has something to do with her being a part of the Deveraux family. Cade was from another century and it showed in some ways. There was a definite language barrier, which was fun at times.

    He was totally contradictory. The insta-love was what really got to me. Jo and Cade had just met and she started waxing poetic about how she could love him and how he deserved his love blah blah blah. I get the falling and falling hard thing. It happens in books.

    But one of the most precious things to read through is how this happens and develops over the course of time. On a positive note, I was happy to see some of the old gang.

    Acheron, Simi, Styxx, Thorn, Jaden, all made an appearance. It was my favorite part since they are old favorites of mine. It was fast paced, had some action, introduced a new sort of pantheon, and had some old friends in it. If you are a fan of this series give it a try. It fell flat for me, but may work for you. Maybe next time it will rock my socks. One bad book does not make a bad series. Sep 04, Rachel W rated it really liked it. This is going to freaking murder me.

    I just finished Styxx, which if you haven't read, you should, it's awesome, and now I hear that this is coming out. Who the hell is this guy? I haven't heard of this new what's-his-name before and it's killing me; usually we have some connection to the character through some of the previous ones, but this guy comes up with nada.

    I might love him or hate him, and I have no idea! Which only makes the waiting worse. They This is going to freaking murder me. Ok, they met inTime Untime, but I want more! And to do with the title, how can someone be the son of no one? Life just don't work that way. I want answers!. Whoa, just finished it!

    Unfortunately, it wasn't what i expected. I always have preferred the more ancient civilizations when it come to the characters read: Ash, Styxx, Kyrian ect and I have never been sold on the ancient Welsh stuff. Sure, it's cool, but that whole area of Mythology has never been my jam, so I was a bit put off. For a DH book, the plot seemed more mediocre to me which to clear it up for you guys, is not a bad thing.

    It's DH, it's automatically good , but that might be because of how freaking incredible Styxx was. I really loved the connection to Thorn, he has been a kind of mystery badass for most of the series, and now some light has finally been shed on him.

    His connection to Noir kind of blows my mind, just a bit. View 1 comment. Sep 14, Alex rated it did not like it. Ok where do begin? Despite both having trust issues etc. He immediately wants to save her and she doesn't want to leave him behind.

    Then here is the worst part An Ok where do begin? And then they have sex. So they are having sex with themselves!

    Intensity - Sherrilyn Kenyon(ang.) - Pobierz pdf z

    This was just too freaking weird for me, and the whole body switch lasted wayyyy too long! Seriously, why is no one talking about this??? There didn't really feel like an ending, and there were too many characters etc added in which made it confusing, even though I've read all her books at least a couple times! And why do all the books have to end with the characters having a baby???

    And I get that family is important to all of them, but I feel as though the whole family speech gets overdone with some of the books. This one fell short of my expectations for SK. View all 3 comments. Let me just check …is this book written by Sherrilyn Kenyon? Hell Chaser…what the hell is that????? Then we have the heroine…. Because this is instant-love between the two!!! Okay, onward…. Did I read this right or are my eyes bad????

    Just about to give up…. Acheron finally arrives. Simi too…. That was what made this book an OK read instead of not ok one!!! View all 4 comments. Ni bien ni mal sino todo lo contrario.

    Y unos lios de parentelas increibles. Dec 28, Jilly rated it liked it Shelves: There are many thoughts going through my head about this book. First, I think that maybe SK wanted to give us something lighter after the heart-crushing tale of Styxx, and she succeeded in that. This book is mostly fun with lots of witty banter that these books are famous for. In one part of the story, the male and female do a "Freaky Friday" and end up in each other's body.

    It was like a vicious cruel mirror that pointed out every single flaw, from every single angle. And you better watch what you eat, bucko, while you're in there Some serious manscaping needs to be done to this body. How do you stand being so hairy? It's everywhere It's like having fleas. I would shave the hell out of that thing! Clogging up the shower is a small price to pay to stop looking like a Sasquatch. No, I said I want you to manscape.

    If you would shave the hair out of your ears you would hear me better! The second thing about this book is that it wins the award for the fastest case of insta-love that I have ever read.

    And, like all of us here, I have read a LOT of insta-love in my day. These two are proclaiming undying love in less than 24 hours of meeting. Who are they, you ask? Well, I guess I should have mentioned that earlier in my review, but what can I say? I'm forgetful. So, the girl is a cousin of Salena Laurens and Tabitha Stabby Tabby and the other crazy-chick-family sisters.

    So, they are involved in the story a bit. Josette is divorced and very down on her luck so she takes a job as a photographer for one of the cousin's ghost-hunter friends. On her first day she gets sucked into a mirror where she winds up in a hell-realm. There she meets Cadogan, a guy who saves her life, and yet is not human.

    Does this bother her? No, she'll sleep with him anyway. What the hell Human shmuman So, the goal is to rescue Jo and Cadogan from the hell realm. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Hell-Chasers storyline and don't really care about Thorn's crap, but whatever I'm sure I'll read whatever SK chooses to write for the rest of her life. All in all, the book is very entertaining and light. It doesn't make giant waves in the Dark Hunter world, but it's still fun enough to read if you like the series.

    Feb 26, Arianna rated it liked it Shelves: What the fuck happened. It seems like shit just got real. I think that Jo and Cade fell in love too quickly. Like, too quickly it didn't feel real to me, their story was too rush. The story was great but I felt a little lost, because it's been a while since I read any of the books of the DH or a hellchaser story, and I felt disconected to the 'main' story AND characters. I'm glad that before I read this one, I re-read Styxx. I guessed like in the middle of the book, when Cade was like " You know, Sherrilyn is one of those authors that you can't really trust.

    She's always hiding secrets and then when you find out about them you're like "aaah, it makes sense now! That happens a lot to me, I hace theories, but the Master here is Sherrilyn, only she knows what will happen next. That just sounds like a tv series hide spoiler ] Cadegan is Thorn's right hand!! Mar 14, Grecia Robles rated it really liked it Shelves: Y es que esas confiancitas y miraditas con Karma es muy sospechoso y mi mente es mi curiosa y conspiradosra.

    Jan 16, Yodamom rated it really liked it. I really liked this edition in the series. There was a very different feel from past books in the series. Demons, shadow world, dragons and various nasties.

    The fight was more of the heart than brute force. Her books usually center around trust, and trust was the basic issue once again, but it was twisted it a new way.

    I loved the inside look at the opposite sex. Fantastic, we should all get that chance to explore the other side. It would solve so many relationship problems. What can I tell you a I really liked this edition in the series. What can I tell you about the book? Not much, you should be surprised as much as possible. If you read the series don't miss it. It had a semi HEA and a lead into the world of dragons where you are crunchy and go well with brie.

    Aug 30, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. I seriously debated with myself about whether to read this book. I hated Styxx with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, and honestly, the Dark Hunter series has been losing me for awhile. I have had an increasingly difficult time following all the threads of the larger story arc since Acheron. All of that aside, I really loved the early books in the series.

    I had to give it one more chance, even though I had never even heard of the hero or heroine. Josette is a cousin to the clan of Devereaux women. Obviously, that is about to change. Cadegan, meanwhile, is related to Thorn and has spent the past thousand years in a hell dimension, courtesy of the Hellchaser himself.

    The couple meets when Jo accidentally falls through a mirror that serves as a portal to his prison. Cadegan is the quintessential Kenyon hero. No one has ever loved him. Everyone he ever trusted has betrayed him. He lives a life of misery in a gray world… until Jo enters the picture. The two of them connect right away. Like in a day. She brought color and kindness into his world. She made him feel hope again. Anyway, Cadegan makes it his mission to get Jo back home and he goes to great lengths to do it.

    There are bumps along the way.

    Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Ash, Styxx, Thorn and others enter the picture. So I stopped trying and wallowed in the romance. The relationship progression is classic Kenyon. It was a very fast read.

    Overall, though, I think Dark Hunter fans will like it. I just wish Kenyon would have a primer somewhere so I could refresh my memory on the connections between all players, like Jared, Jaden, Noir, Thorn, Nick and the significance of the Sephiroth, the Malachai and.. Is it just me? Apr 29, Marta Cox rated it really liked it Shelves: If you are a fan of this series then this book will be a must read but for this reader it was a slight dissapointment.

    There's no doubt this author has a fabulous imagination and a way with words that truly mesmerises but her complicated world building and numerous characters not to mention pantheons and realms can at times be a little tricky to follow. That being said yet again Ms Kenyon delivers a story pulsating with danger but quintessentially this is a story of love and redemption.

    Josete If you are a fan of this series then this book will be a must read but for this reader it was a slight dissapointment. Josete is cousin to the Deveroux family who have previously featured in this series but unlike her kin she strictly refuses to acknowledge the possibility of the paranormal and deities. A fall through a magic mirror completely changes her mind as she stumbles upon an ancient welsh warrior trapped in a hell like realm! Cadegan has never truly known love and the betrayal by those closest to him is something he can never forget.

    When the strange talking Josete arrives in his world he is beyond confused by her and yet determined to protect her. Cadegan is truly a knight of old and even though he wants nothing more than to keep Josete will do all he can to help her find her way home. Yet again this author brings us a truly tortured hero but happily she pairs him with a heroine who just seems to bound about like an overexcited puppy!

    Josete never seems fazed or nonplussed and her openess and acceptance of Cadegan enables him to believe in love. Now the instant romance doesn't work for me but at least there was no instant declaration of love or anything no, just two people enjoying each other's company not to mention bodies!

    Much as I loved Cadegans old fashioned attitude and manner of speaking I really did not enjoy reading just how eager he seemed to be to trade his life away constantly for Josette. They have only just met and yet he will do anything to return her to her own world and honestly after surviving for centuries you would think he would be a little less hasty!

    So overall I did enjoy this but it's not my personal favourite. I loved the first few books and it was fabulous to see those characters in this story. If you like Acheron, Styxx, Kyrian my personal favourite!

    Talon, Thorn, Jaden and of course the irrepressible Simi you will be overjoyed with this instalment. Speaking of Thorn it's very annoying at times as both his original name and the one we are used to are in play.

    This series seems to be taking a turn though as Merlin is mentioned in this book and fans of the author might remember her Avalon series and it seems likely that she is now tying the two series together.

    My biggest gripe though is the length because it's a large font with very little on each individual page which meant at the end I found myself confronted with an extract from another upcoming book. Still I will get the next book because thus author truly is awesome and I'm always hoping the Dark Hunter books will return to their roots.

    Styxx te quiero!! Hellchaser 5, Dark-Hunter: Josette Landry aka Jo is an anomaly in her strange family. She is the normal one who doesn't believe in all that weird paranormal stuff. Unfortunately, she is down on her luck and forced to take a photographer job with a paranormal group. But she ends up falling into a mirror and finds herself in a strange and creepy world. Thankfully, Cadega Series: Thankfully, Cadegan is there to save her. At least let me hate my life with the happy memory of yummy, frozen happiness in my bulging belly.

    The only thing of value was her three dogs. Evil drooling canine snots. Or worse, her older sister.

    Follow the Author

    How could it have come to this? This was not supposed to be her life. Graduated at the top of her class. This too shall pass. Your uncle Jacob is still railing at family get- togethers about the one day you spent working in his garage. I only worked there for two hours before Aunt Paulina gave me the heave- ho. What I have for you, Ms. Work as a camerawoman. Right there! The sole bastions of nonlunacy in along line of certifiable nutsos.

    What kind of show? The Women of Demonology and Possession. You love me with the passion of a thousand paparazzi after an Emma Stone exclusive. I know. As much as she hated to admit it, Selena was right. She loved and adored her quacky older cousin more than anything. Lunacy and all. And when would they want me to start? Interestingly enough, this is the book Jared is introduced in. Ash has been in since the beginning, Tory first appears in The Dream Hunter and is cousin to the heroine in Dream Hunter.

    Simone is sort of new, but as the best friend of Tate, she has been hinted at in other books. The new character? And events in here are integral to many of the future books. Leta has had cameos in past books and this is only the second book of the Dream-Hunter spin-off series and it is a short story that intros readers into that spin-off universe and sets up the background for the Dream Warrior novel that will come a year later.

    Devil May Cry: Sin is a new character to the series. Kat is not. I also wanted to show how DH and Squires worked in other parts of the country and events in it are important to Thorn and Sav Sins of the Night: Both new characters. Seize the Night: Tabitha and Valerius go back to the first book. No new characters at all. Night Play: Bride is technically a new character.

    Vane is not. Bride made a cameo in the second book. Kiss of the Night: lot of new characters in this one. Cassandra is new. Wulf was mentioned in the previous books, but only cameoed. Urian, Styrker, Apollymi, etc are all introduced in this book. In fact, the only familiar characters in this are Z, Jess, Kyrian, Acheron. The rest, including Otto are brand new. Night Embrace: Basically an all new cast. Talon appears briefly in Night Pleasures.

    Sunshine had a cameo in Fantasy Lover. It truly was the unfamiliar cast. No old characters. But the ironic part is However, I can say this.

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